If you’ve only visited a favorite beach during the Winter.You might be surprised to find paradise can get uncomfortably chilly in the winter vacation months. To make the decision easier, we have brought the top 10 vacation destinations in the United States where you’re most likely to find refuge from the cold during winter. We used the multiple kinds of weather and factors including sunny days, average temperature, length of days and precipitation, among others, to compile the list.

We gathered information from the National Climatic Data Center, the National Weather Service and elsewhere to create a formula to finalize our list. Some of the cities in our countdown may surprise you. Others might already be on your winter vacation bucket list down.

If you make the Winter Vacations some travelers are enchanted by winter’s first Snowfall, while other things to season’s cold weather to help find the locale that best suits your winter vacation wants and needs. The United States compiled a list of the best winter destinations based on expert analysis and reader votes. Use these ideas to start planning your getaway vacation, and vote for your favorite place.

  1. Big Island   

The Big Island is like the sometimes awkward old sibling place. Forgotten in favor of an adorable couple, her attributes are often glossed over. Maui is for fun and family. Oahu attracts surfers, partiers and outdoor adventurers. Kauai is for romance and honeymoon, luxury. And the Big Island is just a large Island.  

Majestic is more accurate. A geographically very unique place in Big Island, the Big Island boasts everything from black sand beaches to snow-covered peaks and best place, from hardened lava deserts to steamy and lush rainforests. And it’s still growing. The Big Island’s trump card – the active, fire-spitting Kilauea volcano – has been increasing the island’s landmass since 1983. During the most recent eruption in May 2018, volcanic activity caused eruptions, earthquakes and the collapse of the Halemaumau crater. It’s true that if you arrived here hoping for a stereotypical Hawaiian getaway for vacations that are romance trip full of luaus and a honeymoon-Esque atmosphere, you’ve probably missed the mark. But the hiking trails and state best parks, seating places that are here hold sights that no other Hawaiian island can boast of. And the beaches are colors you’ve probably never seen the best place for winter vacation.

2.Arachova-Skiing Cocktails

The village of Arachova has long been dubbed the ‘Mykonos of the Winter vacation‘, being the hotspot that attracts more visitors than probably any other single winter destination.

The nearest village to Greece’s biggest ski resort on Mount Parnassos, and a mere 3 hours from Athens, Arachova becomes a fully-fledged cosmopolitan hang out in the cold months best place, complete with high-end shops, ski rental outlets, luxury hotels and spas, gourmet and traditional restaurants and plenty of bars and nightlife.

In terms of skiing, while no Greek resort comes close to the size of the major centers in the Alps and elsewhere, Parnassos does offer some great slopes of all difficulty levels, as well as access to back-country runs for the more adventurous. if you want ticket Book United Airlines Customer Care Number give the best Deals. While on sunny weekends it can get very crowded during the week the resort can offer some very satisfying skiing with zero lift lines found in the best place for Winter Vacation.


If Arachova is the Mykonos of the winter vacation, then one could say that Kalavryta is the season’s Naxos – offering perhaps even more variety than its more famous counterpart in this place, but with a slightly less frenetic atmosphere.

Built on the slopes of Mount Helmos in the Peloponnese, Kalavryta is a small town that is a perfect jumping-off point for enjoying winter sports and activities in the area. Located only 2.5 – 3 hours from Athens, the mountain condenses a boggling diversity of landscapes in a relatively small area fond– from pine and fir forests and alpine lakes to extensive visiter, and Top 10 Warm Places to Visit in December Month in USA visitable caves, to the fairytale plane tree forests in Planitero below where you can enjoy fresh trout next to bubbling crystal springs.

But the area is probably the best to place Are known as for its ski resort which is a close rival to that of Parnassos, with ski runs for all abilities, although slightly less modern lifts. The town has a well-developed tourist infrastructure with numerous hotels, spas, and guesthouses. Many of the dutiful place, surrounding villages also offer great accommodation options.

4.Tlaxcala, Mexico

For the Mexican climate, charm, and affordability, look no further. The mid-sized mountain town just two hours outside of Mexico City looking a good seen boasts a vibrant student and both a couple of cultural scenes that has the best flight given the cheap flight tickets flown under the tourist radar and avoided the drug-cartel problems plaguing other parts of the country.

5.Coronado, Panama

It’s a small-town beach living on the Pacific Ocean. An hour away from Panama City, Coronado is one of the most affordable places to live a good life, with widely spoken English and highly regarded health-care options.

6.Telluride, Colorado

If you’re more powder hound than beach bum, consider this Old West mining-town-turned-ski-mecca set in a canyon surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and protected wilderness. The skiing terrain is top-notch for all skill levels, and there are plenty of restaurants, spas and other amenities of winter mountain life.

7.San Diego, California

Few cities on our list have as many sunny days as San Diego, making it an easy choice for one of the best winter destinations. America’s Finest City, as it is known to residents, sees an average of 146 sunny days per year, and only 11 days of one-tenth of an inch of rain or more in the winter months.

High temperatures rarely soar in any season in San Diego, but it’s reliably mild when the rest of the country is freezing. Average high temperatures stay right at 65 degrees for all three winter months. Additionally, San Diego has recorded only two days below freezing in a single winter, and that was 66 years ago . 

It’s one of the 10 most populated cities in America, so don’t expect a secluded paradise, but there’s no shortage of entertaining activities to pass your vacation time, and  Cheap Flight Tickets Top 10 Warm Places to Visit in December Month in USA with bird- and whale-watching tours, as well as surfing.

8.Phoenix, Arizona

Unless temperatures well into the triple digits sound like a thrilling adventure, the desert can be more alluring in the wintertime. From December to February, average highs stay in the 60s or 70s, providing the setting for a perfect golf getaway or spring training trip toward the end of the colder Warm Places to Visit in December Month USA.

This city averages 211 sunny days per year, which is also second-best on our list. If there’s any downside to this vacation destination, it’s that you’d get slightly less daylight than the rest of the top-15. But even though the days are shorter, the sun still sets at a respectable 5:25 p.m. during the winter solstice, providing plenty of time to have fun on even the shortest day.

9.Orlando, Florida

This family favorite might come to mind when thinking of a winter getaway, but it’s not just because of the attractions. It’s also because of the mild weather that greets guests as soon as they arrive.

With average summer highs in the 90s and afternoon thunderstorms a frequent occurrence, Orlando is fairly uncomfortable to visit in the warmer months. What’s more, Virtual Tourist says summer is the busiest time of year, so why not take a trip to the theme parks when the lines are shorter and the weather is more comfortable?

With an average winter high of 72 degrees and only about three nights per year with lows below freezing, Orlando’s weather is the definition of winter comfort. It averages only about 20 rainy days per winter and best locations in the USA, well below some other cities on this list.

When the nights get chilly – 50 degrees always seems to feel a little colder in Florida than anywhere else – the city is teeming with life. Restaurants, shops, and nightlife can all be found inside, according to Visit Orlando, allowing visitors to stay warm and have a good time.

10.Hilo, Hawaii

The nation’s 50th state is also one of the most consistent in terms of winter vacations in Hilo, Hawaii year-round. On the Big Island of Hawaii, best deals near airport Hawaiian Airline Found Hilo is home to more than 40,000 people. Who seems to know the secret to live well in winter.

It rains a lot in Hilo Hawaii’s best place in Top 10 Warm Places to Visit in December Month in the USA. In the winter months alone, the town averages 30 inches of rain. It averages 55 rainy days per winter, but it’s not just a wintertime thing. Hilo gets plenty of rain all year.


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