Turkish Airlines Customer Care Number

Start your journey with Turkish Airlines is the amazing experience of the passengers. Turkish Airlines is worldwide popular for its airlines’ services and special airport facilities. Turkish Airlines Customer Care Number bring you all the latest information. This number is the most useful for passenger planning for an air trip with Turkish Airlines.  

About Turkish Airlines Services

Turkish Airlines is one of the major National flag airline carriers in Turkey. Turkish Airlines operates its scheduled flights’ services around 304 destinations in America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Turkish Airlines is one of the world’s largest civil airlines which operate across the Globe. Turkish Airlines operates from more than 125 countries and flies 20 cargo aircraft serving 82 destinations, which is almost higher compared to other airlines sectors.

This airline carrier is well-known for its hospitality services. Turkish Airlines contact number keep update passengers and acts as a link between client & Airline’s Authorities. We are providing 24*7 services and established a reputation between passengers for our widely-accepted services.

Get the Baggage details on Turkish Airlines Contact Number

Accurate Baggage details are one of the most important factors for a passenger visiting by Air. Turkish Airlines contact number provide you all information of Baggage step by step. The most common problem amongst passengers regarding Baggage is the difference between chargeable & exempt goods.

Chargeable and Exempt goods

Chargeable goods are called those goods on which customs duty is imposed. The different rate of customs duty is chargeable on the different class of goods. A passenger-carrying customs chargeable goods have to pass from red channel provided in the Airport. Passengers cross red channel after payment of customs duty on such goods.

Exempt goods are those goods on which customs duty is not chargeable. Such goods are also called duty free goods. The government of different countries allows passengers some basic and necessary goods on which customs duty is not chargeable. Passengers carrying exempt goods have to pass from the green channel provided in the airport without paying duty.

Turkish Airlines Domestic & International checked Baggage Allowance

On domestic flights passengers are allowed to carry 15kg/33lbs on promotional deals, 20kg/ 44lbs in economy class and 30kg/66 lbs in business class. In domestic flights checked bags must not exceed 158 cm/62 inches in total dimensions and weight must not exceed 32 kg/70 lbs.

On international flights, passengers are allowed to carry 20 kg/ 44 lbs in economy class and 30 kg/66 lbs in business class.

List of prohibited Baggage in Turkish Airlines

  • Arms & Ammunition
  • Toy guns
  • Camping Stoves
  • Knives & swords
  • Human body parts & organs and donor blood
  • Drugs
  • Extremely toxic Chemicals
  • Protected birds and animals species
  • Items of historical and cultural value

Turkish Airlines customer care number is the best medium to get updated information instantly. We provide sufficient information to passenger and save valuable time.

Traveling with Pets Full Information on Turkish Airline Tracking Number

Passengers traveling with animals in an aircraft cabin have to make the reservation and confirmed no later than 6 hours before the departure of the flight. You have to complete the check-in procedures for your pet traveling with you at the check-in counter. Make sure your name, surname, address, contact number, your pet number, and your pet name is affixed at the label provided on the cabin. Turkish Airline Tracking number facilitates all information regarding passengers traveling with Pets. You have to make sure that you bring your pet medical report & certificates with ID details and other necessary documents. Transportation of pets is not included in Baggage allowance, transportation of pets is included in extra baggage fees.

You can dial Turkish Airlines customer care number for more information regarding pets. We have the latest information on pets check-in procedure traveling by air.

Air Ambulance information on Turkish Airlines Customer Service Number

What is Air Ambulance Service?

Air Ambulance is the special service of Turkish Airlines for shifting or carrying patients from one place to another by Air. Air Ambulance service carries serious patients from one destination to another and helps to save their lives. Turkish Airlines Customer Service Number provides accurate information on Air Ambulance services.

Why You should choose Air Ambulance services?

You must choose Air Ambulance services because of the following benefits.

  • Easy and safe transportation of Patients
  • Best travel mode for emergency Patients
  • Air Ambulance is the most comfortable travel option
  • Best life-support system & skilled staff for Patients
  • Affordable and cost-effective services
  • Availability to almost all major countries containing the best hospitals
  • 24*7 worldwide services
  • Special facilities to custodian traveling with Patient
  • Quick response to emergency calls
  • Special arrangements to disabled Patients

One should dial Turkish Airlines Customer care number and get the latest information about Air Ambulance services. We provide the accurate and latest information on air ambulance services to passengers and help them in our own way. Our problem-solving services are the best and have wide passengers acceptance.

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